iPad Video Transfer Kit and Accessories

Want to watch movies and videos on the go,
but find that your iPad just doesn't have enough space?

This kit allows you to store movies, videos and photos on an SD card
that can be transferred directly to your iPad - no iTunes, no computer.

Ideal for long car journeys with children, holidays and commuting.


The kit costs just £17 - For this you will get:

Select SD Card, iPad type & Postage Option:
Postage to the UK is free.
For international, please select the plus £3 Intl Postage option.
You do not need a PayPal account to purchase.

Other Accessories (UK only):

Choose Accessory:

SD Card Reader - To transfer video onto the SD card, your computer will need an SD card reader. Most computers have one,
but if yours doesn't the following product can be used with a USB port.

USB Car Charger - If you are watching videos on your iPad on a long car journey, you will need a charger. However, not all car chargers work with the iPad (in fact the iPhone one doesn't). This has a 1.0 amp socket for iPhones and a 2.1 amp socket for iPads.

Dual USB Cable - The iPad does not supply enough power for most USB devices (eg external hard disks or flash drives). With this cable you can connect the second usb slot to an additional power source (eg Apple Charger or Laptop). You could then use a USB device to store your photos and videos instead of an SD card.